What Is A Mud

MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon, Multi-User Domain, or Multi-User Dimension. Regardless of what it stands for, a MUD is an online environment where multiple users are logged on and interacting with one and other. On some MUDs you only interact with other players that are logged on, similar to an online chat system. On other MUDs you can also interact with a game world where you can explore, fight monsters, and collect treasure, either alone or in the company of other players that are logged on. On some MUDs, the environment itself can be changed and expanded by the players themselve. On others, you must play the game long enough to advance to a Wizard level at which time you can add new areas to the game. Allowing players to change and add to the MUD world itself is one of the unique features that make MUDs so unique and fun. Every MUD you visit will be different in subtle or dramatic ways.

Our MUD: We are a online environment with a fully built city grid of rooms with plenty of room for expansion from players. We are STRICTLY Role Play enforced. Players can log on anytime and role play with each other, however some actions do require a Story Teller to be present, which there will usually always be at least one Story Teller around, you may type request and what you desire to send up a message for any Story Teller that may be online even if they are invisible. We have a semi custom domain and status system setup to enhance members interaction with each other. It is also our desire to eventually fill all positions of power within the game by players!

For those of you who want to connect to the game you will need a MUD client, I personally use mushclient as it is free and has a lot of features, you can download it here Mush Client. Once installed simply open the program select file, new world, it will prompt you asking if you want to preload defaults select no, for host name put Silent Eve for TCP/IP address put thesilenteve.com and for port put 5050! Thats all you need to do and you will find yourself in game!

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