The Systems Of Silent Eve

The Silent Even is a World of Darkness game, set in modern times, in Los Angeles, California.

We support both Mortals and Vampires as our main focus.

World of Darkness systems are based on stat-structured character sheets and a 10-sided die system of rolling, much like that of DnD and other table top games.

We are a Roleplay Mandatory game with limited combat and restricted Player Killing.

There are no mobs to slay, no equipment to buy. Everything is done through the use of imagination and Storyteller interaction.

Our character creation process is in depth and our game is based on a virtual map (that we call the Grid) that is a fantasy-based Los Angeles of over 200 rooms of streets, bars, nightclubs, stores, and businesses and homes that players can create for themselves (with help of a ST).

Roleplay takes place through the use of Pose and Rpose commands, and is the bread and butter of our game.

Please check out the Start Page of the Wiki for more links and resources to help you get started!

Welcome to SE! We hope you like LA!
The Staff of Silent Eve

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