The Sheriff

While the job description varies from city to city, the Sheriff's primary function is to be the prince's "enforcer." He generally assists with the "muscle" aspects of ruling. He does everything from hauling offenders into court to keeping order on the streets and occasionally being the bouncer for Elysium. During wartime, the sheriff is often called on to be the war-chief, leading charges and coordinating the martial side of the fight. A sheriff may select deputies to assist him, who often act fully in his authority, but such appointments usually require the prince's approval.

More often than not the Sheriff is from Clan Brujah or the remaining Gangrel, however anyone with something of a martial bent may be selected for the job. Yet the sheriff should not be all bronze and no brains, part of the sheriff's duties is watching for breaches of the Masquerade. Straight-ahead brawlers are becoming less common; operators who are precise in their applications of force have become the norm.

Keepers of Elysium and Sheriffs can be each other's best friends or worst enemies. A keeper who insists on dealing with security herself at Elysium risks stepping on the toes of the sheriff, who believes that such an action indicates to the harpies he's incompetent. A sheriff who muscles into Elysium and conclave security without asking about existing plans may alienate the keeper, depriving him of much-needed support when it comes time to press for tighter security measures (such as heat sensors). On the other hand, when the two offices work hand in hand, particularly during conclaves, they can weave a web that could hold back the sea. Keepers and sheriffs often have a great deal to say regarding the selection of the other, and it is not unknown for a particularly tight knit pair of Kindred to hold both offices jointly.

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