The Setting For Silent Eve

Welcome to The City of Angels of if you rather The City of Devils,

A city of beauty, a city of mystery, and a city wrecked by the vices of its citizens. A city of lights, glory and hope as many try to make it in Hollywood. The city however gives way to a much darker side once the sun goes down, sure there are the clubs, the night life and all the things one would expect to see in LA but…Gangs roam the streets, drugs turn even those Hollywood elite into criminals and sometimes take their life. Politicians meet in back rooms to cut deals and that is only the beginning. A whole world of darkness turns, crime, corruption, all shapes and size of wickedness. And the secret world of the Immortal's the Kindred, Vampires who feast on the cities lost souls and control and manipulate the mortal world from the shadows, holding their own law and political structure above what humans believe. What else may lurk in this darkness? The coward may never hope to know, and even the brave may tremble.

The Camarilla have reclaimed majority of the city, they under the rule of Prince Gabriel Bennett and along side the Anarchs drove out the Sabbat in a massive war which left many to taste of final death on each side of the battlefield. The financial status of the Camarilla is in trouble as Prince Gabriel had to use almost all of its resources to push out the Sabbat. The city has been at peace for quite some time now and as such the Brujah has stepped off of the throne and a Ventrue from New Orleans by the name of Marcel Guilbeau has taken up the mantle as Prince. Many question his rule, but he is set on bringing the Camarilla back to life and has imposed taxes on those who own businesses within his city to help rebuild the funds that were depleted. Rumors abound however, and peace can never last too long, what will your place be?

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