Se House Rules

House Rules

Our house rules have carefully been put into place to allow players to have what we believe to be a more enjoyable playing experience. The staff of SE reserves the right to change/add things to the house rules. Now, as the game is just getting on its feet, make sure to check back OFTEN as we will be working on expanding them as we go!

Silent Eve is currently offering 5 Experience to any player that recruits a new player. The referred player must create a character, be classed and approved, and start RPing. You have the option, as the recruiter, to give away up to 2 of the experience to the new player as incentive.

General House Rules

1. While Silent Eve is rated R. We assume by your agreeing to play this game that you are 18 years old or over, or that you have permission to play from a parent. This being said, we ask that players act respectfully. We do not allow ANY vulgarity in any set field (including your character descriptions, room displays, or title). Any forms of harassment or cheating will not be tolerated and will be punished accordingly.

2. Any scenes involving (but not limited to) sexually explicit content or torture are expressly forbidden without the educated opinion of all parties involved. If permission from all parties is not given, a strict "Fade to Black" policy should be accepted for the rest of that scene.

3. You are responsible for Roleplaying your retainers, if you fail to roleplay them at times they should be with you, you may be docked EXP or lose said retainers. Upon creation you are also responsible for including information in your background about things like Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Kinfolk, etc. If you decide you would like to leave the control of these things to the storytellers, please contact one of us and let us know! We are more than happy to help!

4. Trying to control the actions of any other player OR character is strictly against the rules unless you gain their permission FIRST. Any action that you attempt, that is resisted by another player/character, should be then brought to the attention of a ST.

5. When leaving a scene after RP, please wait ONE FULL ROUND before actually leaving the room. This offers not only a courtesy to those you are RPing with, but it gives any character a chance to stop your character from leaving the room. This is true of ALL and EVERY scene.

6. Each player is allowed no more than 2 characters at any one time. These two characters ARE NOT ALLOWED to be in the same Sect (You can't have 2 Camarilla, for example - The only time this rule is broken is when both characters are Mortal), in scenes together, or at all related in your backgrounds. When playing one character in a storyline that may involve your alternate character, you are expected to ONLY RP the first character introduced into that storyline until it is over.

7. Celerity: The BP cost of Celerity will be one half of your Celerity level rounded up. (Example: Level 1 = 1, Level 2 = 1, Level 3 = 2, Level 4 = 2, Level 5 = 3) Celerity actions (declaring) will take place after the original turn of combat.

8. Potence and Fortitude will give 1 added die to all rolls concerning them. (Not automatic successes.)

9. One blood point can be used to heal two levels of bashing damage.

10. Voting Rules: You may cast 1 vote PER character PER scene.


Restricted Concepts for Character Applications:

  • No character is allowed to be under the age of 18. No exceptions.
  • We are not classing Sabbat Vampires, Garou (including other Bete), Mages, Changlings, Wraiths, or Inquisitors.
  • Anarch Vampires will only be accepted on a case to case basis. Please speak to a ST before applying.
  • We are not currently approving any Vampires 8th generation or below. 9th Generation Vampires will be accepted on a case to case basis only. Please ask a ST before applying.
  • Please see - Restricted Merits & Flaws and follow all guides and rules listed on that page BEFORE speaking to a ST about an application including anything listed there.
  • Resources 5 is banned.
  • Age 2+ Background is banned. Age 1 is severely restricted. Speak to a ST before applying.
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