Here you will find all general rolls and combat rolls.


burn - burn <character> <bp/wp> #
gain - gain <character> <bp/wp> #
boost - boost <character> <physical attribute> #

croll - (combat roll)
Format: croll <player> <combat variable> <difficulty> <bonus dice>
Available: Firearms, Melee, Brawl, Throw, Dodge, Soak.
(Note: Crolling Soak Automaticlly Calculates their Fortitude, as well as any boosted physical attributes that have been recently set.)

proll - (pc roll)
Format: proll <player> <ability1> <ability2> <difficulty> <bonus dice>

damage -
Format: damage <player> <diff> <extra dice>
(stset <player> <bash/let/agg> #_

discroll - (discipline roll)
Format: discroll <player> <discipline>
(ie discroll marcel auspex3 or discroll celes dominate2)

roominit - Room Initiative
Will automaticly roll and display the initiative of the PCs in the room. DOES NOT INCLUDE STs or NPCs.

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