Road Of The Beast

Most Cainites struggle against the hunger of the Beast, but the Feral

followers of the Road of the Beast accept their destiny as the greatest hunters
in the entire world. They see themselves as kin to the wolf and the lion,
predators that live in wild places, stalking their prey. They rely on their
instincts and animal cunning to help them survive.

Followers of the Road of the Beast exist in the moment. The past is past, and
the future is yet to be written. All that matters is now, satisfying the needs
at hand. They typically have no patience for plotting and scheming, preferring
to act where others think. This boldness makes Ferals seem naive to some
Cainites, but they are not fools, and they do not care to be trated as such.

They see with the eyes of the hunter. Everything in the world is divided into
predator and prey, enemy and ally. There is no room for anything else.

Naturally, few of the members of the High Clans follow this road that rejects
the very social order that guarantees their prestige. Those high-blooded
Cainites who do embrace the Feral way are usually outcasts and exiles from the
courts of princes and barons. The road is much more popular among the Low

Clans, especially the Gangrel, who are the most strongly associated with the
Road of the Beast in the Cainite mind. Still, members of any clan can follow
this road if they are strong enough to survive it.

Sobriquet: Ferals

Road Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

Aura: Menace. Those in the presence of a Feral know that she is a true
hunter, just as deer do when confronting a wolf. The aura modifier applies to
rolls aimed at terrifying or cowing an opponent.


Path of the Hunter: You are a predator, and all others are your

Path of the Nomad: Civilization is slavery. Run wild and be free.

Path of the Savage: Embrace your hatred and rage, and use them to destroy
the weak.

Hierarchy of sins against the Beast

10. Putting yourself at risk needlessly.

9. Not challenging a weak leader.

8. Killing for any reason other than survival.

7. Avoiding contact with nature.

6. Needless torture or cruelty.

5. Making a sacrifice for someone unrelated to you.

4. Refusing to kill when important to your survival.

3. Failing to defend your territory.

2. Showing mercy to an enemy.

1. Abstaining from feeding when hungry.

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