Road Of Kings

Just as God ordained that kings should rules over men, by placing His mark
upon Caine He ordained that Cainites were above the mortal herd, and that
some also held divine right to rule. The Scions, followers of the Road of
Kings, believe that power and rulership are their inheritence, secured by
strength of arms and skill at court. Just as the mortal nobility wars for
control over land and wealth, so do the Scions war among themselves for
control of Cainite domains, with lesser vampires and mortals arrayed like
pieces on a chessboard.

The Beast stands in the way of a Scion's destiny. It represents all the
dark impulses that drag a ruler down and lead to rebellion and betrayal.
But, carefully controlled, those same passions can raise a ruler up to
greatness and give him the power to conquer his enemies and hold on to
his throne. So the Beast must be controlled, and conquering the Beast is
a necessary first step in conquering the world.

It's little wonder that the Road of Kings draws many of the High Clans to
it, particularly the Lasombra, Tzimisce and Ventrue. Those who rise to the
position of prince often do so by following this road. And Scions often
make the best rulers because they see their endeavor as larger than simply
hoarding personal power - that is the domain of the Beast. A true king
creates justice for his subjects and inspires loyalty in his vassals. And
the only way to understand how to inspire loyalty is to have been loyal
oneself, therefore, many Scions spend time as vassals and knights in
other's service. Others serve as judges and magistrates, dispensing
justice in the name of a lord whom they serve.

Sobriquet: Scions

Road Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Aura: Command. Scions are destined to rule, and they know it. Those around
them can feel their commanding presence like a crown upon them. Their aura
modifier affects rolls to command or lead others.

Paths: Path of Chivalry: Honor and service; follow and uphold the code
of chivalry. Path of the Tyrant: It is better to to reign in Hell than to
serve in Heaven. Path of the Vizier: Power is a subtle game. Play it like
a master become the power behind the throne.

Hierarchy of sins against Kingship:

10. Neglecting your duty

9. Treating a peer with disrespect

8. Treating an inferior as an equal

7. Breaking your word to a peer

6. Behaving shamefully before your peers

5. Showing weakness in front of inferiors

4. Failing to answer a challenge to your honor

3. Treating a superior with disrespect

2. Breaking your word to your superiors

1. Breaking a sworn oath

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