Road Of Heaven

The Damned know that they are cursed by God, and many of them curse God in
return. But others accept the burden the Lord has placed upon them and seek to
find purpose in it. These Faithful know that everything is a part of God's
plan, even the Children of Caine. Followers of the Road of Heaven devote
themselves to understanding that purpose. The answers to the question, "Why has
God done this to me?" lead to the many divergent paths of this road. Like the
mortal Church, the Road of Heaven is given to schisms, sects and heresies.

Among all of the many sects of the Road of Heaven, the voice of the Beast is
that of Satan, the great tempter, seeking to lure the Faithful away from
righteousness and into sin. They shun all servants of evil, such as
devil-worshipers, demons and followers of the Road of Sin. The Faithful continue
to carry out the sacraments of the Church even in their unliving existence, and
ashen priests are the most common on the Road of Heaven.

The Faithful are found throughout Christendom and beyond. Those in the East
often follow Muslim ways and there are Jews and even pagans on the Road of
Heaven as well.

Sobriquet: The Faithful

Road Virtues: Conscience, Self-Control

Aura: Holiness. The righteousness of the true servants of Heaven is
apparent to all. The aura modifier applies to Social rolls that rely on the
vampire's image as a holy and divine being.

Paths: Path of Divinity: You are among the chosen of God and should be
worshiped as such. Path of Penitence: Your damned existence is punishment
for your sins. Path of Retribution: You are God's angel of vengeance and
scourge of the wicked and sinful.

Hierarchy of sins against Heaven:

10. Violating any of the Ten Commandments, for any reason

9. Failing to speak out against corruption and sin

8. Acting out of pride, avarice, gluttony or some other sinful impulse

7. Theft, robbery, willful vandalism

6. Causing harm to a pious and virtuous person

5. Feeding from an innocent without permission

4. Blasphemous or heretical acts

3. Allowing a crime or major sin to go unpunished

2. The murder of innocents

1. Aiding a demon or other supernatural agent of evil

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