Road Of Blood

The blood of Caine must be earned. The state of vampirism is not a right, nor
a curse. it is a privilege that not everyone deserves. The followers of the Road
of Blood understand this distinction and see themselves as its enforcers. They
value purity of action and purpose.

This is not a trivial road to follow by any stretch of the imagination. It is all
too easy to pervert the Road of Blood, using it to justify wanton diablerie.
Because of this, the Road of Blood is characterized by a rigid code of ethics, a
strict emphasis on self-control, and the utmost devotion and discipline. Its
followers watch each other at least as closely as they watch outsiders. They see
the triumph of the Beast as a weakness, and the Beast must be denied control at
all costs. The Road of Blood encourages fervency to the point of fanaticism -
without this devotion, these Cainites would likely succumb to base temptations
and abuse their purpose.

Obviously, if the followers of this road diablerized Cainites left and right,
they would soon be destroyed. Several things keep this from happening. The
followers of this road pay their closest attention to the worthiness of the
blood-descendants of Haqim; they will pass over other Cainites in order to keep
their own kind in line. The Sentinels also do their best not to act rashly. They
consider their actions carefully, and try to remain unnoticed in their duties.
Like all other Cainites, they exist on the time scale of a vampire - if they
must take two centuries to orchestrate the diablerie of a particularly corrupt
prince, then so be it. They also take into account degrees of corruption - why
go after someone who sins but little when a greater sinner nearby requires
immediate attention?

Sobriquet: Sentinels

Road Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Aura: Resolve. Followers of the Road of Blood know the seriousness of their
task and are incredibly dedicated to it. Their aura modifier affects Willpower

Paths: A small, secretive group that follows the Path of Righteousness see
it as their duty to watch the watchers exclusively. They concern themselves
with rooting out corruption and lack of resolve among adherents of the Road of

Hierarchy of sins against the Blood:

10. Acting impulsively in any situation

9. Allowing actions to be dictated by emotion

8. Succumbing to frenzy

7. Failing to diablerize an unworthy vampire

6. Acting cowardly or dishonorable

5. Allowing the unworthy to go unpunished

4. Showing weakness before the unworthy

3. Failing to honor an oath

2. Submitting to the will of an unworthy prince or elder

1. Becoming oath bound to a Cainite

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