Rage is more than anger, and deeper than a violent temper. Rage is the violence roiling within Gaia, given a small outlet through one of her chosen children. It is the volcano about to erupt, the hurricane about to reach land, the tornado about to touch down. Reach under the surface of a Garou's mind, and the Rage is there, seething and roiling, waiting to be let out. Even a Garou who seems calm and easy-going is filled with this storm. Attempts to read the emotions of the Garou can convey a powerful sense of anger. Contacting a Garou's mind can require a Willpower roll, difficulty equal to the Garou's Permanent Rage, or the individual making contact might find himself boiling over with anger. It is possible to shield one's mind from the emotional overflow, if one knows what to expect.

The basic rules for Rage appear in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse book, pages 125-126. In the Moebius Circle, a Garou may only spend up to half his Permanent Rage score (round up) in a single round. Other rules for Rage in this game are as follows:

Avoiding Stun: A Garou who has been Stunned may spend 1 Rage for each round he is stunned to avoid any negative effects.

Changing Forms: The Garou may choose to instantly shift to any form he chooses for 1 Rage. This shift may take place before initiative or on his initiative, and is instant. If he is shifting forms with Rage in the same segment as being attacked, use the new form's statistics to determine soak and other benefits. This change of forms is so rapid that equipment and clothing may tear or be damaged, but will not be destroyed unless the final shape is too massive for the items.

Extra Actions: Rage may grant magical multiple actions, which can be used for full dice pool or movement actions. Rage spent for these extra actions should be declared before the Garou takes his first action. Rage spent for extra actions lasts for 1 round per dot in Permanent Rage. The Garou may buy additional Rage actions in later rounds, but may not have more a total of more actions than his Dexterity score. If he takes more extra actions than his Wits score, he may suffer a cumulative +1 difficulty penalty or each action above his Wits for any feat that does not directly relate to attacking or avoiding damage.

These actions take place on the Garou's initiative and every 2 segments thereafter.

Rage actions may not be split into normal multiple actions. If the Garou was taking normal multiple actions and spends Rage for extra actions, any remaining multiple actions become full dice pool actions, up to a limit of the number of actions paid for by Rage. Any remaining normal multiple actions are lost.

Ignore Pain: The Garou may spend 1 Rage to counter a -1 die penalty caused by injury. He may spend up to his limit of Rage in a round to counter higher penalties. This does not heal the injury, it simply allows him to act without hindrance for a brief time. This use of Rage lasts for one round. The Garou cannot heal lethal damage, even with a Stamina roll, while spending Rage to ignore pain — he is causing more damage to himself than even his recuperative abilities can handle.

Overcoming Injury: If a Garou falls below Incapacitated, he may roll Rage, +1 difficulty, to instantly heal 1 health level of damage per success, even aggravated wounds. He may make this roll only once per scene. If he attempts to overcome injury in this way, he will suffer a battle scar which cannot be healed with normal magics.

Animal Attraction
Werewolves are dangerous. Even the most passive Child of Gaia Theurge carries around a great deal of Rage inside her. Such is the curse and blessing that all Garou share. And yet, while humans usually shy away from that Rage, it can also make werewolves appear very sexy. Animal attraction, it should be noted, is not a "love-at-first-sight" power. It causes the target to want sex, in a very basic, primal, animalistic sort of way, so werewolves without much in the way of people skills commonly use it to breed with humans. It does not normally work as a manipulative tactic. The target will be inclined to go to bed with the character immediately, not open a filing cabinet full of corporate secrets for him. Not everyone is comfortable with reaching these inner passions, however, so the character's attempt may backfire. Animal attraction will not work on a target upon whom the character has induced the Delirium in the past.

Animal attraction is an extended roll. The player rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge (difficulty of the target's Willpower) each turn. The player must accumulate a number of successes equal to the target's Willpower, after which the target will be strongly sexually attracted to the character. To initiate animal attraction, the Garou must first look his target in the eye, although eye contact is not required throughout. If the player fails the roll, the target becomes uncomfortable and seeks to avoid the character. If the player botches, the target gets a glimpse of the Beast within the Garou, and she succumbs to the Delirium immediately.

Note that this ability does not work at all on unliving targets such as vampires or the walking dead (not that any right-thinking Garou would mate with such a beast anyway). Also, if a character uses the ability on other supernatural beings (such as mages or other shapeshifters) the difficulty increases by two. Finally, this power cannot overcome true love. A man who truly loves and is devoted to his wife will be able to reject the werewolf s advances, no matter how well her player rolls.

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