Quickstart Guide for New Players

Welcome to The Silent Eve: Los Angeles by Night.

We are a World of Darkness game, set in modern Los Angeles, California, and we support Mortals and Vampires. The steps below will help you, new player, on your way to joining our game and learning your way around, as well as making a character!

Before you continue, please read —> The SE House Rules.

By applying for a character, the Staff of SE assume that you have read, understand, and agree with all of these rules.

Step 1 - Game, Website, and Forums

The Game:

In order to play the game, you will need to connect through a Telnet client. We suggest a client such as MUSHClient, SimpleMU, or GMud. Once you've done that, open a new connection through the client.

The address to connect to The Silent Eve is:
IP: Dune.net
Port: 4157

When logging on, you will be asked to select a name for your character. This should be something that would be used in the real world (i.e. Mark, Sarah, Constance) and not names like Razor, Killer, or ZWolf.

You will then be asked to set your password. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE. Your password cannot be seen by Staff, so please make sure to use something you will be able to remember. You will be able to reset your password in the game if you change your mind later.

The next step is selecting your Gender. M for Male and F for Female.

The next selection screen will show you a list of Classes that you are able to select. All new players are limited to Mortal (M) or Vampire (V). New players are NOT allowed to pick from any of the other listed Classes.

After you select your class, you will see the Message of the Day (MoTD) and then the Main Menu.
The Main Menu is listed as the following:

0) Exit the Game.

  • Used to leave the game. When exiting SE, via the Quit command, you will come back to this menu.

1) Enter the Game.

  • Used to enter the game.

2) Enter your Primary Description.

  • Your Primary description is mandatory in order to play on SE. This is a paragraph or two describing your character's physical appearance. This should include height, eye color, hair color, physical build, and any obvious Merits or Flaws that they possess. Some players also use this field to add in a clothing description for what their character is wearing. All descriptions should be in full sentences and be run through a spell-check program. (Admin suggests http://spellcheck.net) Please do not include movement or speech in this field, as your character will not always be in the same position, or using the same facial expressions.

3) Enter your First Alternate Description.
4) Enter your Second Alternate Description.
5) Enter your Third Aternate Description.

  • Alternate descriptions can be used to describe a character's alternate styles. Most players use these fields to be able to change their character's clothing, hair style, make up, etc. Once in the game, you will be able to use the 'Descswitch' command to toggle back and forth between these four description fields, making it more easy to adjust your character's apperance. However, your character's physical traits should remain basically the same (unless using these fields to hold descriptions for Obfuscate 3 Discipline.)

6) Change your Password.

  • This will simply allow you to change your password.

7) Delete your character.

  • Will allow you to delete your character if you so choose.
Once connected to the game with your character, please be sure to read the description of the room that you have started in, as it will give you more information on our game and how to get started. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU LOG ALL THE WAY OUT (quit, 0) and then back in the same way as the first time (enter character name, password, 1) in order for your playerfile to be properly saved on our server.
Now is a good time to look at the following link —> Command List
This page will help you become familiar with all of the commands needed and available on the game itself.

The Website:

Please visit http://thesilenteve.com (Where you likely found this page), register for an account through WikiDot, Join Our Site, and bookmark it! This is our informational database for the game, and anything and everything needed to help you create a character is here.

The Forums:

Please visit http://silenteve.freeforums.org/index.php, register for an account and bookmark it! The Forums our our communication platform for the game. Here you can find links to House Rules, Updates, as well as interact both IC and OOC with players and Staff.

Step 2 - System and Setting

So, now that you've connected to The Silent Eve, learned the commands, and bookmarked the Wiki and the Forums, it's time to start learning about the system and settings of the game. Please see the following links:

There are many more links on the Start page of the Wiki to help you out. Be sure to give them a look!

So far you've learned a bit about our game and the systems and settings and created a character account on the game itself. Now it's time for you to start to create a character! This is the most important step of playing with us at Silent Eve, and might take some time. Once you have finished your character application, and e-mailed it to the Staff, please allow 24 hrs for us to contact you to discuss it. Usually, new characters are contacted in an hour or so, but please allow the extra time, just incase.

Step 3 - Character Creation

Each Creation Guide page listed below contains numerous links to all of the information that you will need to start constructing your application.

Please make sure to read through the page you select completely before you start writing, as there may be steps you need to take before applying (such as asking staff permission for certain concepts, merits, flaws, etc.)

This is a work in progress, started Feb 1st by Nyarl. Please feel free to let me know if anything is missing, confusing, or incorrect. I would appreciate the feedback and any attempts to make this page as easy to follow as possible. Thanks!
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License