Silent Eve Questionnaire - Character Creation

It is important that you have first followed all of the steps on the main Mortal Character Creation Guide OR Vampire Character Creation Guide. Please note that all of your attributes and abilities can be set using sheetset, for help with this simply type sheet while in the game. Also do not forget to email your completed information to moc.evetneliseht|nimda#moc.evetneliseht|nimda

This questionnaire is provided as an alternative to writing a traditional background to assist those who are either very new to the system or just prefer a more direct type of character background. You may still write a traditional background should you choose, or use both!

When filling out the Questionnaire, please use full sentences! Remember: The more information the Staff has about your character, the more likely it is that they will be able to interact with you on a personal basis ICly!


  • Explain your flaws. (Please see our banned/restricted flaws)
  • What are the weaknesses in your characters personality and aptitudes?
  • Explain your merits
  • What are the strengths in your character's personality and aptitudes?

Describe your physical appearance:

Give a 2-3 sentence description of your character concept:



  • Where is your home/haven?
  • Where do you work if you have a job?
  • How do you get around the city?



Explain your resources.

  • How do you earn your resources if you don't have a job?
  • What do you own? (Cars, businesses, homes, etc)
  • How much in debt are you? (monetarily or boons)
  • Why are you in Los Angeles?


Background Check Information:

1) ID's you possess (Drivers Licence, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)
2) Address listed on said ID's
3) Citizenship (if other than American) and immigration status.
4) If your phone number is listed or not
5) Criminal Record: If any.
6) Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid
7) Source of Income (If you have Resources)
8) Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.



  • Where are you from?
  • When were you born?
  • What is your profession?
  • How educated are you?
  • Where did your mundane education take place?
  • What did you specialize in?
  • What are your feelings about your life?


EMBRACE: - For Vampire Characters Only

Describe your Sire.

What are his strengths?
What are his weaknesses?

Describe your embrace.

Why did your Sire embrace you?
What is your relationship with your Sire today?

Describe your vampiric education.

Where did it take place? From whom? How much?


POLITICS: - For Vampire Characters Only

  • Of which sect are you a member? Why?
  • Describe your views of opposing sects.
  • Which clan do you feel the greatest affinity towards, besides your own?
  • Which clan do you feel the greatest antipathy towards, besides your own?
  • If you could change anything about your sect, what would it be?
  • What is your characters attitude towards ghouls?
  • What is your view on human morality?


Other Required Information:

Include details (1 to 2 sentences each) about:

  • All Attributes and Abilities at 3 or more points.
  • Your Retainers, Contacts, Allies, Mentor, or anything else in the Background category.
  • Begin to consider Stats for your Retainers, if applicable.
  • Create a chronology of your life. (Dates, locations, important situations.)
  • Describe in detail the goals of your character.
This is where you include your written background, or anything that you wish to add.


Email a completed template of above questions to moc.evetneliseht|nimda#moc.evetneliseht|nimda. Sound long and complicated? It's actually meant to help us see your character completely and save you time in having to explain the little things.

Congratulations, that's it!

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