Percival Von Viunet
  • Name and Title: Deacon Percival Von Viunet
  • Occupation: Deacon, Servant of the Church
  • Residence: Small Church Owned Home
  • Apparent age: Late 40's
  • Demeanor: Defender

Percy has recently come to Los Angeles to help spread the word of god. Originally a Deacon in Sacramento, he has been ordained here to serve the church with all the duties and powers bestowed upon deacons. From charity work, advising the flock, and volunteering to spend time at the church, he also is often seen around the city proper, though would not be found in the less savory locations such as themed nightclubs, and places that promote sinful or lustful acts. He can be easily contacted through the ministry of the Sacred Heart, and his basic contact information is even listed on their website. He even responds to the Sacred Heart Blog on a regular basis. Rumor has it he is seeking a wife and to make a proper christian family, as well.

Theme songs so far:
Our Solemn Hour
Great Day

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