"They don't call me Pell the builder, do they? Oh no.. Just takes one goat and you're named for lifeā€¦."

I make up the rooms that make up the blocks that make up the streets that make up Los Angeles. Need something built? A restaurant, office building, apartment, you name it- give me a shout and I'm your man.

Pelliden Rieves, the character

Name: Oh, come now.
Height: 5'3'' or so
Weight: 120 lbs.
Nationality: Irish
Age: Indeterminate specifically, early 20's
Clan: Brujah
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Rebel
Close Ties: Gabriel Bennett, Nikita Howell
Specialty: Bomb-maker and Guerrilla tactician
Theme Song: Biblecode Sundays' 'Honor of the Gael':


Pelliden is a young, headstrong, and sadly well-experienced veteran of the Troubles in Ireland, and just as much as an Irish Republican supporter as a Brujah, he is incredibly sensitive and short-fused. However, for all his soldierly disciplines and bravado, he is a very soft touch. He is unflinchingly loyal, particularly and especially to Gabriel Bennett, the Sire he feels he should have had. He has his doubts concerning the Camarilla's ways, but that is just as much his upbringing and it discouraging views toward government as it is his Cainite experiences.

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