Paths of Enlightenment

Some vampires forgo the petty mortal concerns embodied by the concept of Humanity. These Kindred reason that they are no longer human, thus they have no need to apply the sentiments of the living to themsleves.

Whether or not a Kindred chooses to follow the mortal tenets of Humanity, some sort of behavioral system must exist. To accept utter randomness is to court the Beast, and no vampire wishes to sink into the clutches of mindless depravity. Even those vampires who plumb the depths of immortality have some ethical bulwark they use to anchor themselves against the Beast.

Kindred who voluntarily abandon Humanity follow behavioral codes known as Paths of Enlightenment. While mechanically similar to Humanity, these codes have very little - in fact, sometimes nothing - to do with the mores of mortal culture. Adopting a Path of Enlightenment means giving up everything that matters to a "normal" person, or, indeed, many Kindred.

Path of Blood
Path of Bones
Path of Caine
Path of Cathari
Path of Death and the Soul
Path of Evil Revelations
Path of the Feral Heart
Path of Harmony
Path of Honorable Accord
Path of Lilith
Path of Night
Path of Metamorphosis
Path of Paradox
Path of Power and the Inner Voice
Path of the Scorched Heart
Path of Self-Focus
Path of Typhon

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