Paths In The Camarilla

Following a Path in the Camarilla

Following a Path in the Camarilla definitely marks the practitioner as a kind of outsider and raises questions about Sabbat Influence. That makes a certain amount of sense, of course, given that the first Tradition of the Camarilla (and the only one that speaks at all of the Kindred's relationship to mortals) states that Cainites, the undead predators of the night, must blend in with those mortals. Naturally, doing so necessitates an ability to relate to mortals, so many Kindred who, in pre-Camarilla nights, might have eventually been instructed in a road of morality suited to their ideals or found their own such road, now strive to remain humane, when they are, in fact, far from human.

Essentially, to sum a Camarilla Kindred's position, should he decide to follow a Path is this: He is a member of a sect that espouses human morality as a way to remain hidden among mortals (rather than for actual ethical concerns). The sect is composed of vampires. Vampires are not human. Yet, if we assume a hypothetical Path-follower, he will most likely be ridiculed, suspected, and quite probably interrogated at length for attempting to comprehend and exist within the boundaries of his undead existence in effect, for refusing to pretend to be something he is not.

What can such a Kindred do to avoid persecution? Join the Sabbat, naturally! However, this is not the recommend method (for obvious reasons). What is recommended is that a Kindred who wishes to disguise the fact that he no longer follows the same moral track as the kine simply not make a show of it. Spiritual and moral discussions aren't entirely uncommon among Kindred (their condition does beg some speculation, at least), and indeed, many Paths of Enlightnement hold knowledge and its pursuit as sacred. However, many of them also teach that keeping one's secrets is a wise idea. While is the case for any number of reasons, ongoing survival is the best of them.

Does this mean that our hypothetical Path-follower in the Camarilla should become a recluse? Not at all. A secretive Kindred is assumed to have something worth hiding. Unless one's Path specifically precludes or inhibits contact with others it is wise to play the nightly social games that the Camarilla so loves. If the secret is revealed, as it were, the exposed Path-follower is in a distinctly delicate position. He can expect visits from the Camarilla in the form of archons, asking ever-so-politely where the Kindred learned his ethical precepts and if, indeed, he or his mentor is a member of the Sabbat. On that topic, members of the Sabbat will certainly want to know why a Kindred is practicing "their" moral codes (yes, the Sword of Caine really is that arrogant), and they may send their own investigators.

What Paths Work?

Path of Caine: As it directs its followers to avoid mortals and diablerize Kindred who cultivate their Humanity, this Path is probably not a wise choice for a Camarilla character.

Path of Cathari: A Camarilla vampire who treads carefully could conceivably follow this Path, though she might appear to be sorely lacking in morality, especially at more enlightened levels of this Path.

Path of Death and the Soul: The compassionless, lethal Necronomists rarely bother with the Camarilla. Their need to study death, often by causing it, draws too much attention. It's not out of the question, however, and of all the Paths, this one is probably the one most likely to be adopted by an elder who needs a moral compass.

Path of Evil Revelations: Welcome neither in the Sabbat nor in the Camarilla, the Corrupters fester in both sects.

Path of the Feral Heart: Arguably the oldest Path in existence (with the exception of Humanity), this Path is still practiced by some nominally Camarilla elders, and it could conceivably be passed on to younger Kindred. However, since the Path disdains politics, a Beast character would need a good reason (such as survival or protection in numbers) to join a coterie.

Path of Honorable Accord: Although this Path is considered a Sabbat staple, its roots predate the sect. Therefore, an occasional Camarilla Kindred can be found among the Knights.

Path of Lilith: This heretical Path isn't really endorsed by the Sabbat, and its practitioners are more concerned with enlightenment than sect politics. LIkewise, the Path's precept against killing actually makes the Camarilla a more palatable choice for the Bahari than the Sword of Caine. (After all, the Lilin in the Camarilla can claim that regard for life prevents her from killing and not be laughed at too openly.) As the Camarilla holds Caine and Lilith to be mythological beings rather than actual historical figures (for the most part), even an open Bahari would probably be regarded as a deluded scholar rather than a dangerous heretic. Even so, the fact that this Path is so rare means that few Camarilla Kindred ever hear of, much less practice, the Path of Lilith.

Path of Power and the Inner Voice: While Kindred do practice this Path (if rarely), it is commonly held only by elders who can appreciate its nuances and truths fully.

Other Paths: The Paths of Night, Paradox, and such other ones are practiced chiefly by members of the clan that espouses them. However, occasional members of other clans (and therefore other sects) find their way down these roads as well.

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