Nora Talks To God

A dark haired older gentleman dressed in a plain white tshirt and a pair of jeans would walk out onto the patio area. He would have a neatly trimmed beard and goatee, and very bright green eyes that would scan around casually.

The thin young man sat at one of the small round tables, sipping at a cup of tea and a pastry sitting to the side half eaten. He is wearing a black button down shirt and black slacks, His hair pulled back into a short ponytail. Lying open on the table is a small novel, which the young man is reading from.

The older gentleman would walk over to Noras table and take a seat slowly, "Nora, good to see you" the man would say in a very gentle warm voice. He would open a small brown bag and pull out a bagel, and seemingly from no where pick a cup of coffee up off the table.

The man looks up at the stranger, his eyebrow raising. "I'm sorry, Do I know you?" He takes another sip of his tea staring at the new comer, then lays down the cup. He sits back in seat, inspecting the man carefully, a look of confusion filling his eyes.

The older dark haired man would shake his head but then chuckle as he took a sip of his coffee, "No, not exactly, but then everyone knows me in at least some way" he would shrug and lift an eyebrow before taking a bite of bagel, "Rob Thurman was a interesting indavidual…So hows the bookstore?"

The thin man closes his book and stares at the man. "Its doing fine. Im sorry, you seem to know me but I don't know you. What is your name?" He reaches and takes another sip from his cup using two hands.

"Eh, people call me different things…" The man would say with a slight shrug as he leaned back slightly in his seat, "You can all me… El" the man would say with a firm nod, "How is the tea? running low? need a refill?"

Looking down at his cup the man nods, "I could use some more yes. Thank you. So, El, Why in interest in me?" He sits back pops his neck and watches for the mans response.

The man would snap his fingers for seemingly no reason. He would thean lean forward and his eyes meeting Nora's own and changing from a bright green to a glowing white for a brief momeny, "Son, I have a vested interest in everyone…Figured since I was taking a brief vacation I would swing by here and grab something to drink..Since you were here might as well visit" The mans eyes would fade back to their regular green. Nora's tea would also be refilled.

Nora looks down at the cup of tea that is now refilled. He looks back up at the man whos eyes just changed colors. "I see, so then its a pleasure to meet you. The book store has been very busy lately." He takes a sip of the tea, his eyes going wide for just a moment in shock. "And what do you do?"

El would chuckle as he lifted his own drink to his lips and took a large sip, "I make sure the world keeps turning mostly…You would be surprised the maintanence all of you people require" The mans chuckle would continue, "Drink your tea while its still hot…"

Pulling the cup to his lips, Nora nods and takes a long sip. "You keep the world turning, that is quite a big job. Forgive me for saying I don't envy you. As much as Im glad to be one, mortal beings have been the worst thing to happen to his planet since the meteors that killed the dinosaurs." He takes another long sip from the wonderful tea.

El would nod and extend his cup toward Nora in a 'cheers' type fashion, "Thats fairly true, and yet I love all of you…Maybe the meteors we not my best work, I could have been more creative…You would be surprised though, at the immortal beings who are a bigger pain in the neck than the mortal ones"

The thin man raises his brow. "The immortal ones? Like what per-say?" He smiles and waits for a response.

"Oh now don't try to play me, usually doesn't end well for people" El would stand slowly from his seat and take a few steps away but not more than an arm lengths from the table, "Although all that occult stuff you do won't give you the answers you seek either, frankly it makes me kind of sad to see it"

"Thats kind of the problem. I ask for answers and none are given. I search for answers and it is wrong to do so. If focus on nothing but what is right, Then nothing gets done." Nora lets out a sigh after he speaks and stands as well.

The man would shake his head, "Maybe you just don't listen right?" the man would say with a wink, "Be patient and wait upon…well I think you get the picture" chuckling he would turn his back to the man "We should chat again sometimes, though I have a rather busy schedule…"

"I suppose you know where to find me." He nods and leaves the money for his ticket, the tosses his bag over his shoulder. "It was a pleasure meeting you El. I do look forward to speaking again."

The man would nod before taking a couple more steps..He would then seemingly vanish completely. Was he even really there to begin with?….Perhaps only time will tell.

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