Nora Emerson

"I was raised from a broken seed,
I grew up to become an unwanted weed."
~Sonata Arctica

Nora Emerson
Age: 22
DoB: April 3rd, 1988
Height: 5'7"
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Appearance 5
Demeanor: Minion
Occupation: Book Store Owner
Residence: Venenata Luna

Obvious Merits
Double Jointed
Catlike Balance

Plot Hooks
New Guy in Town - Nora is new to town, if you wanna push him around or show him around feel free to contact me.
Book Store Owner - Nora owns a book store, if you are looking for a book then swing by and see if he has it.
Occult Knowledge - Nora is well versed in the world of the Occult and has a collection of books to back it up. If you need to know something he could do some research for you.

Standing at about two inches taller than five and half feet, one must really struggle to make out that this lithe figure is a male. Chin length straight black hair frames the narrow face of the individual. A silver ring pierces the mans thin lips and his dark blue eyes are ringed in a line of eyeliner. He wears a tight fitting black turtle neck with a bright silver necklace with an ornate knot-work pendent hangs around his cloth covered neck. Around his right wrist is a simple metal watch, and around his left a silver knot-work bracelet. Long black bondage pants covered in silver rings and chains cover his lower and hand obscure the heavy black leather boots the man wears.

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