Mage Character Creation Guide

Mage Character Creation Guide
By Don

Don's Rules for playing a Mage:

A. You must be online at least five hours a week. This can be one five-hour stretch at a time, or forty minutes a day.
Now, I will abide by the general rules of the MUSH, but if you fail in this particular sphere requirement, there will
be IC repercussions. Of course, if your mother died, you have to move to Turkey, or you are going to lose computer
connection, arrangements can be made, but they MUST be made before hand. It takes two minutes to write a mail to me.

B. You must be doing something. I should run a scene for you at least one a month, and it should not be just a
"preparation scene." I have had PCs who have never requested a scene from me in two years. I will warn you if you are
not active enough (aside from time on). After that warning, there will be IC repercussions.

C. You must keep IC and OOC separate. I do not care how much you are provoked, I do not care how well you know someone
from previous games, there will be OOC repercussions for systematically being unable to keep OOC and IC separate.

D. You must have a copy of Mage Revised or Sorcerer Revised. I do not care how you get it, but you must have the appropriate
book and you must read it.

E. You must accept my definition of my professionalism. I define professionalism as being online as much as I can,
of running any scenes that you request, of devoting my creative energy towards this MUD. I will lose my temper.
I will make snap decisions that turn out to be wrong. This is my hobby.

G. Read and follow the instructions in the links below:

Application Slots:

As of now, any traditions, startign arete 1-3 are open.

Step One:


Character Creation is like sculpture; you go from broad descriptions (computer geek) to specifics
(Michelle Willard, Post-Grad at Yale, Computer Sciences Dept, withdrawn youth, who uses annonymity
on the internet to create a dynamic and forceful persona named Winterwitch).

Your Tradition: A pivotal aspect in any mage is their tradition. His Magickal School of Thought. It should reflect
his nature and belief towards magick. (More info:

Your Essence: Your character's essence is basically a description of their avatar (their magickal inner self).
(More info:

Nature and Demeanor: See other Wiki Pages.


Instead of a background, I prefer to have a questionaire, with easy to go through information. From here on,
all information should be emailed to Don.(moc.liamg|mallikld#moc.liamg|mallikld).

How Old are You?

When did you notice you were different?

How did you come by your abilities?

Who is important to you?

When did you first encounter Magick?

Who was your mentor?

How did you meet others in your cabal (if applicable)?

Do you maintain a mundane life?

What do you, the player want to do with this character?

What destiny does your character pursue?

How does your mage regard her destiny?

What is your character's avatar like?

How does your mage get along with her avatar?

What conflicts do you think could emerge in her life?

What is her relationship like with her family?

Why does she practice magick?

Does she know of the technocracy? If so, what does she think?

Step Two:


Distributed by column. 7/5/3 in one of each.


Distributed by column. 13/9/5.


You have 5 points to start. More information on the wiki on each.

Step Three:

15 Freebie Points to spend. See wiki page on Freebies.

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