Gholaam Busts In

The door of the bookstore flies open as Gholaam steps in, pitch black robes that were dull before but now just flaring through the air. An aura of madness surrounding him and his hard black boots thumping on the ground mercilessly. Setting his eyes on Nora, his expression becomes dark and he moves over to the man, standing only a foot away. He beckons to the youth accompanying him.

Entering into the room after the man is the small form of Syaoran. In addtion to his normal attire the boy now has a pair of black shades resting in his pants pockets. As he enters within the room he unslings his backpack , his attention moving about the room.

The thin young man stands behind the counter jumps as the door opens violently. "What the!" He cries out as the man enters. "Who the hell are you!" The young man demands slaming his hands on the counter. "You can't just bust in here like you own the joint."

Gholaam grins slyly and a gust of wind pulls the door of the bookstore closed. "You notice me, don't you?" His hood still up, the man pulls it back to show a beaten face and eyes glowing a sickly yellow. "You are alive after all. I apologize for my rude entry, but a night ago you were eavesdropping much too long for your own good. What did you see on that rooftop?"

The thin man raises his eyebrow. "That, just like the news said, Terrorist attack by some Muslim Body builder. I don't know what you mean by eavesdropping, As soon as I saw the terrorist I ran." His hands still clutched onto the countertop and look of anger on his face. "I would like it if you would kindly leave."

The youth's gaze turns about between the pair his brows furrowed up slightly in thought. A look of confusion appears upon his face, "I don't want any trouble." the boy holds up his hands slightly at Nora's response, "I just was told I'd be carrying some stuff I don't want no problems ma'am." as he speaks Syaoran's gaze moves towards the door he just entered from.

At those words, Gholaam gives a struggled smile. "You realise of course, that that Muslim Body Builder, is a friend of Christoph? A usual customer here in your store at that. Recently had a book on Demonology translated from Hebrew, if I recall. But I shall do as you wish, Master Nora." Calmly turning away from the counter he strides towards the door…

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about! I offer books on esoteric subjects, anything they are used for is the responsibility of the one doing it, not the owner of the book. If you have a problem with this Christoph why aren't you busting down his door and not mine!" Rage fills his voice as his hands slam down on the table. "So get out of my shop and Futue te ipsum!"

Gholaam stops at the door and looks back at the man. A chuckle escapes him before the door opens up with only a touch. "I have a meeting to get to. Strange things happen in the city, and it is best not to get involved, even if it is just watching from a fire-escape? Syaoran, come." As he steps through the doorway, there seems to be a shift of color under the yellow-eyed man's skin until it returns back to normal.

The boy looks between the pair shifting his weight awkwardly form one foot to the other biting on his lips now his gaze moving from one adult to the other as if unsure what he should do at the moment. Syaoran shifts his weight from one foot to the other now a hand rising to scratch his head appearing more than a little embarrassed, "Ah.. sorry ma'am.." as Gholaam moves to pass by him the boy's gaze follows the man as he taps his head looking back towards Nora.

The man slams his hands down on the counter once more. "Im a fucking man you little prick! Now get out!"

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