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Blood Hunt
gabrielbennettgabrielbennett 12 Jan 2011 20:27
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » Blood Hunt

I, Prince Gabriel Bennett do hereby issue the blood hunt on the following. Be mindful however that you do uphold the traditions when dealing with these criminals, and you should certainly refrain from taking their souls.

The following are members of the Vampire auction that was recently discovered and dismantled by the Camarilla. We have used our vast resources to find what information we could on such horrible fiends.

Jose Ross, Clan Brujah.
- Jose is a Hispanic male who tends to hang around the rougher parts of town and is believed to be in control of a small gang.

Odell Ridley, Clan Gangrel.
- Odell is a middle aged white male who is bald. He keeps no regular haven and we have no further information at this time.

Derek Bouldon, Clan Uknown.
- Derek is a well built fair eyed and skinned European man. He has been seen at some of the finer establishments around town but is very hard to maintain intel on. Derek is believed to be extremely dangerous and should only be attacked with caution.

Should you bring any of these vile wretches to justice please inform me in person and I shall see that you are rewarded properly.

Blood Hunt by gabrielbennettgabrielbennett, 12 Jan 2011 20:27


For the third time in as many months, Santa Monica's hot spot "Club Crank" comes under scrutiny today by both the police and the community. Late last night a free for all broke out inside of the popular nightclub, ending in the tragic death of three, along with countless injuries and severe property damage. The problems apparently started as a fight between a handful of patrons, and escalated into a wave of violence and chaos that rocked the establishment. We take you now to Susan McAlister, who is outside the 2nd Street Precinct. Susan?

Good morning to you, ladies and gentlemen, this is Susan McAlister coming to you live from LAPD's own Precinct 2, where we are awaiting an official comment from the police department. Here comes Lieutenant Yuri Denestiov.

"Thank you all for coming. Last night's riot started right around 1am inside of Club Crank. Two were pronounced dead on the scene by the Coroner's Office, and another victim passed away an hour later while being treated at the ICU. Reports are still coming in, but so far I can tell you that more than thirty have reported to local hospitals for treatment to severe wounds, four of which are still listed in critical condition. The fight escalated into a riot, and nothing but random ill intent is thought to be at work in the siting of this violence. Those suspected in part for inciting this riot are being sought for questioning, and more information will be available to the public as the investigation continues."

Susan McAlister again, reporting live to bring you up to date information about this recent string of violence raging down the Strip from Channel 6, live updates and information for the greater Los Angeles area. I'm being told that Club Crank will be closed tonight for repairs. Back to you in the studio Phil.

Sunday, Jan 9th.
Social starts at 5pm EST.
Court starts at 6pm EST.

In a back alley near the airport a small silver furred wolf hides between two dumpsters. He searches up and down the alley before letting out a loud piercing howl. This howl carries on for a few moments changing in pitch and tone as it carries on.

((I am known as Pings-the-Umbra of the Sept of Braves in Atlanta. Born of Kinfolk, I belong to the Tribe of Glasswalkers and bear no lineage worth mentioning. I humble request permission to enter into your territories.))

Re: Howls of Introduction by RothwellRothwell, 09 Jan 2011 01:27

As soon as he entered the LA area, Eric would've found a secluded spot to begin his introduction. It would include all necessary information about him and why he is in LA.

Get of Fenris

Re: Howls of Introduction by Wraith266Wraith266, 09 Jan 2011 01:20
gabrielbennettgabrielbennett 06 Jan 2011 02:47
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » News

In all Elysium on a piece old scroll the following would be written.

In the recent nights there has been many events, some of these events have led to the death of very powerful and beloved Kindred within our society. The recent discovery of those behind the kidnappings has been most disturbing, and I will inform everyone the extent of that situation at our next court it not before then. Prince Lasaga has suffered a honorable death and in the wake I Gabriel Bennett of clan Brujah lay claim to the throne, you may wish to dispute this if you desire, however I have already sent word to the Justicars of what has transpired. Nikita Howell will be acting as my Seneschal for the time being until we can resolve some issues that are currently in place. I wish you all peace and safety and look forward to serving you again.

- Gabriel Bennett

Praxis by gabrielbennettgabrielbennett, 06 Jan 2011 02:47

It is said that a howl was heard near Santa Monica Street, where it came from is unknow

Howl of the Night by Maximus DecimusMaximus Decimus, 04 Jan 2011 07:45

A note would be posted in all Elysium on a piece of tan stationary with Gabriel Bennett written in the heading.

My childe, the Sheriff of Los Angeles Nikita Howell has been kidnapped as you all are aware. I have been charged by the Prince with forming a team to rescue the sheriff. Through research and the assistance of the Prince herself we have a very good idea of where the sheriff is being held. Who or what is holding her we are yet unaware, though I petition each of you of able body and mind to assist us with this task, it will certainly not be easy.

Nikita is a powerful woman, and to have been forcefully kidnapped must mean whatever we are to face is very powerful indeed.

Gabriel's signature would adorn the bottom of the posting.

gabrielbennettgabrielbennett 02 Jan 2011 21:18
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » News

This would come to be known by all vampires within the city by any means required.

The Sheriff has been kidnapped out of an Alley off of Santa Monica. Wild and crazy stories as to what has happened have spread around the city, though the few facts that remain the same are this: She was kidnapped by multiple men wearing suits who exited a blacked out sedan with NY tags. No direction of travel has been confirmed as of yet. It is expected that anyone with any information will come forward.

SHERIFF KIDNAPPED! by gabrielbennettgabrielbennett, 02 Jan 2011 21:18
Re: Howls
Wraith266Wraith266 01 Jan 2011 08:57
in discussion Garou / Howls » Howls

Eric pricks his ears up at the eerie call that is carried on the winds to his ears through the open window. He chuckles to himself as he hears the annoyance in her howls. His voice comes out easily, carrying back a reply to the howler that Howls-in-the-Night has heard her and wants to know where she has been. He offers for her to meet him in his room to discuss coming to another pack meeting. His howl continues heartily for a while, just proclaiming all the news that she has missed.

(My sister in Gaia, you are needed now to bring levity to out meetings. Our mother needs our help to be able to bring down the Wyrm. If you wish, I would meet with you to bring you into the meeting to help us complete out goal.)

Re: Howls by Wraith266Wraith266, 01 Jan 2011 08:57
Re: Rumors
BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop 01 Jan 2011 06:41
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » Rumors

"What has been found beneath the Underground of the Undead world may well shock you, my dearest Celestites. Yes, I did place us under the name of our wonderful Prince, because we all recognize the benevolence of our Grace.

An almost unforgivable breach in the laws that govern the Camarilla occured early this evening. It seems that two Kindred were heard in the park coming perilously close to breaking the Masquerade. The two in question were not questioned nor reminded about the closeness of their talking, but it is one's hope that they understand the gravity of the consequences of breaking that law that all loyal Camarilla uphold."

Jonathan MacIntosh, Harpy
Status: Toreador Whip

Re: Rumors by BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop, 01 Jan 2011 06:41


The first solid news in the recent kidnappings and explosions which occurred over LA in the last month, most recently the atrocious mutilation and boming that occurred in Chinatown last week, has come to light.

One James Porter has been arrested at his home in Los Angeles. Police have collected an abundance of evidence incriminating him, and the Chief of the precinct says a conviction is imminent.

Late this evening, one of the many children kidnapped recently came forward, a small ray of light in this horrific tragedy. He gave the address of his captor and abuser as the same as one James Porter. His estranged wifes body was found at the scene, and evidence all points to this man. Among the proverbial wreckage of this broken home were instruments of torture and abuse, which were used on these poor children and eventually on his wife in the events that culminated this evening. Reports from the minor have been confirmed, and his miraculous escape was the only way this evil man was apprehended. The police reports confirm that the remaining children were killed and their bodies dumped in to the same river where his brother had committed suicide earlier last year.

The family of the surviving boy said they are just glad this is all over for them, and they grieve for the other parents who lost their children. The father was quoted saying "At least this is over before the new year…" before sending the reporters home so that he could spend time with his son in the hospital.

Count on Channel 6 W.A.T.E. to bring you more information as it is released to the public!


This evening at the Marriot Hotel in Los Angeles, a shootout between rival gangs occurred during the early evening hours. Explosions and gunshots were heard inside the fifth floor that was apparently being rented out by a drug dealer and his minions. Police are keeping the details of the incident private while the investigation is made. Sources indicate a private interest in the hotel has contributed a generous sum to cover much if not all of the repairs needed to restore the 5th floor of the hotel to its former glory. One man was dead at the scene, one was rushed to a hospital in critical condition, while three other men were listed in serious condition.

Yesterday, at around 10 pm, an unforeseen storm system moved into the skies over LA, depositing almost four feet of torrential rain in less than three hours. Weather Service Emergency warnings were issued immediately and possibly saved the lives of untold numbers of Los Angeles' residents. All manner of sewer life was washed into the streets and traffic was shutdown across the city during the storm.

Disaster Estimates:
Deaths: 2
Injuries: 75 serious injuries reported
Private Property damages: Estimated over 10 million dollars
Public Works damages: Estimated just over 21 million dollars

Citizens are asked to report any damages of private, city, or personal injury so that funding and relief can be assessed and taken care of promptly by city officials. The Red Cross has units set up around the city for help during the weeks ahead.

Re: LA Daily News by BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop, 31 Dec 2010 16:15

Currently there is a caern in the city, however, none of the entering garou (our pc's for example) are part of it, nor have been invited to be in it. Therefore, they will not be role playing in it for now.

aka Eachna of Silent Eve

General information-Garou by IsauraIsaura, 31 Dec 2010 02:02
Testing Thread by BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop, 31 Dec 2010 01:31
Re: News
BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop 29 Dec 2010 05:45
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » News

Prince's Decree

A Blood Hunt has been declared on Armande LaCouix by right of the Lextalionis and my status. He has made a challenge to the Princeship and the mistake of assuming that the Prince of Los Angeles is at a standing less than his own.

The places and meeting grounds of Elysium will remain the same while my seat as Prince is right and stable beneath me. I would remind all that violations of the Pax Vampirica, that protects all of these locations, are punishable by Lextalionis.

Any of my Court, Council or subjects whom accept and carry out this Blood Hunt will be praised highly and offered a minor Boon.


Even under the rights of Lextalionis, any competition between Cainites to carry out the Prince's orders will not be tolerated. Those who disrespect your Prince disrespect the Camarilla. We are not made stronger by breaking the Tradtions of the Princedom, or Challenge.

If the Primogen Council wishes my removal, as is their right, I will accept a challenger of their choosing, not at the whim of a single Toreador.

My rule is the Law of the Camarilla.
Your Prince, Celes Lasaga

Re: News by BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop, 29 Dec 2010 05:45
Re: News
BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop 29 Dec 2010 05:15
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » News

Posted inside of The Grand Theater via ghoul is the following message:
I Armande LaCroix hereby declare myself ruler of the Praxis known as LA. If the Tremere witch has the power to rule than allow her to end my reign. It is my intention to restore order to this domain.
The Camarilla is lead by the strong, any who would declare themselves Primogen must have personal power, any who claim a domain must defend it. Go and rebuild a strong Camarilla. -

Post Script:
I rescind the order of any place being declared an Elysium until I cast forth the Witch from the city. The right of life has been lifted from her and I declare her unwelcome in my Domain.

Re: News by BoopBoopBeeDoopBoopBoopBeeDoop, 29 Dec 2010 05:15

Two Witnesses Come Forward in Missing Priest Case

Two witnesses have come forward to report to the LAPD that they both, at around the same time after dark, saw a large man, well over seven feet tall carrying a large black bundle or duffle bag, and entering the sewers via a service manhole. One witness had to swerve his vehicle to keep from hitting the man, the other witness was a woman waiting on the bus at a bus stop across the roadway. These witnesses spotted the man about a half-block from the blood bank where the padre was last seen. LAPD is continuing it's investigation along with cooperating city sewer services personnel.

aka Eachna of Silent Eve

Re: LA Daily News by IsauraIsaura, 18 Dec 2010 00:13
Re: News
gabrielbennettgabrielbennett 17 Dec 2010 06:54
in discussion Camarilla / Rumors/News » News

This would be posted through all Elysium and known among all Kindred.

I Prince Marcel Guilbeau must leave the city for a brief period of time to handle some business within my home domain. I shall return soon and put an end to all of this bickering among my people, until that time I have chosen the Tremere Primogen Celes Lasaga to act as Prince. You will show Primogen Celes all of the respect a Prince deserves as she has full access to the powers of the throne.

As I leave to handle this business I feel I must inform everyone of a mighty battle that took place this very night. Myself, the acting Sheriff, the Scourge and a few others were attacked by a wild gang of Anarchs in an abandon parking lot. The reasons for being there are not of import at this time, please know that I will not be ending the truce with the Anarchs over this incident, but I shall be fully investigating the situation when I return. I commend the Scourge, the Sheriff and others on their quick actions and mighty skills, had if not of been for them you might find yourselves without a Prince. I will see that each of you is rewarded accordingly, very very soon.

Yours truly,
Prince Marcel Guilbeau

Re: News by gabrielbennettgabrielbennett, 17 Dec 2010 06:54
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