The Elysium is less a specific physical location than a reference to any building that the Elders favor. A building considered part of the Elysium is always devoted to the fine arts or is somehow artistically or intellectually stimulating. Many major museums, art galleries, theaters, and centers for the performing arts are part of the Elysium. There can me multiple Elysiums within a single city. The Keeper of Elysium is over all Elysiums however the owner of the property that is considered Elysium also has the ability to act as keeper of that individual Elysium even so far as making rules.

All Elysium adhere to the following rules unless other wise explicitly stated.

1. On pain of a Blood hunt, no violence is permitted on the premises against Kindred, kine, or physical objects. Not only do such acts breach the Masquerade, they could cause damage to items, or individuals that the Elders value.

2. The Elysium to be considered neutral ground. No conflict of any sort between Kindred may be carried onto its sacred ground. The Elders like to meet and appreciate fine arts without other Kindred shattering the peace of their contemplations. As a matter of courtesy, discussions should be limited to the fine arts, and political topics avoided (except when the Primogen meets).

3. Access shall not be limited; all Cainites are welcome. In practice, those who enter Elysium when Elders are present are assumed to have thrown in their lot with that group.

4. One should not attract attention as one leaves and enters Elysium. Some buildings will not normally be open in the hours of darkness, but in such cases some easy means of entry and egress will have been arranged. Guards are often Dominated and will respond to certain command words instantly.

All kindred, even though visiting the city, are notified of the Elysium and its rules upon presenting themselves to the Prince. If one does not present themselves and later commit a violation, they may not claim ignorance; willful negligence is added to the charges against them.

A Prince will often issue bans or edicts against Kindred violence in certain areas, or declare that
certain areas are “neutral ground,” without declaring them part of the Elysium. The effectiveness
is directly proportional to the Prince’s power.

Prince's Decrees as they relate to Elysium:

Location Keeper Laws
None None Standard
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