Domain System

The domain system on Silent Eve is developed to increase a players control over their "world" and interaction with each other. You might call our domain system more realistic or complicated, but the truth is, it is a fairly easy system.

By typing help domain, it will show you a list of domains and who "owns" them. Per tradition whoever "owns" the domain is basically the "Prince" of that area, he is the final authority outside of the Camarilla Court. You may not reside, feed or really take any other actions that might be considered questionable inside of someones domain without permission from domain holder(Note: See Rights below). (Note: You may also check this page to view current domain information in more detail)

If you own a domain and wish to grant someone permissions you must request and speak with a Story Teller to do so, that way we can note it on their sheet. If you attempt to hunt in an area you do not have rights to feed, you run a risk of getting caught and either confronted or having that information taken back to the holder of that domain at which point it will be up to the holder of the domain on how to proceed.

ALL DOMAIN belongs ultimately to the Prince so to exsist in the city and feed in the areas which no one holds as domain you must have the permission of the Prince. This can be done by presenting yourself to him in character.

Domain can only be awarded by the Prince. Holders of domain also get small benefits from having their domain, such as NPC's resources or similar things.

The holder of domain also has the authority to create minor laws about his domain and may revoke any rights he chooses at anytime or may demand something to issue rights in the first place.


Due to the current upheaval and restructuring of the Camarilla after the death of Prince Gabriel Bennett, the rights of Domain have been shattered. All Kindred are allowed to claim their own Domain through the Primogen Council. The Council will be claiming Domain for each Clan during the next Court.


These are the rights which can be given to someone by the holder of a domain. The Holder of the domain may at anytime revoke any given right, so may the Prince should he see fit. Holders of domain are not required to give you any rights, and may even require things in exhange for rights.

Right to Live: The right to live means that you are allowed to live in the area. (Note: When introduced to the Prince or another with the authority to approve you within the city you automatically gain the right to live in any non-claimed domain)

Right to Feed: The right to feed means you may hunt freely within the domain. (Note: When introduced to the Prince or another with the authority to approve you within the city you automatically gain the right to feed in any non-claimed domain)

Right to Own Property: This right is related to a law Prince Marcel has put into place which requries anyone who wishes to own property have approval from him, or the holder of the domain they wish to purchase property in. (Note: This includes businesses)

Any holder of domain may also grant anyone they see fit the right to be a manager of their domain (Note: You must notify a Story Teller). As a manager of someones domain you may grant other people rights.

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