This peculiar collection of powers originates from the Underworld and from the nothingness energies of Oblivion. This is a trademark Discipline of the Nagaraja which only adds to their image as cruel and demented sorcerers.

Level 1: Eyes of the Wraith

The vampire can peer from the Living World into the Underworld and from the Underworld into the Living World the same way.

System: No roll is required, though using the power costs one Blood Point. The effects last the entire scene, and the character can shift her senses from one world into the other at will. While focusing on one world, she cannot perceive what is happening in the other. This power only allows her to look and listen.

Level 2: Consume the Dead

By using her fangs to cause damage, a vampire with this power can subsist on wraiths, gaining one Blood Point per Corpus Level consumed.

System: No roll is required, but the vampire can only drain up to three corpus a turn. Note that this is not like the Kiss, and the wraith can fight to escape.

Level 3: Aura of Decay

The vampire can strengthen the feeling of corruption around her to the point where it can serve several uses. It can gnarl wood, rust metal, and erode plastic, glass and dead organic material. This power has a range of one foot from the vampire's body, but all those in the presence of the vampire will feel her corruption

System: No roll is required, but this power does cost a Blood Point. Objects subjected to this Aura of Decay generally break down and become useless somewhere between one turn and one day after being targeted, depending upon the material, the type of object, and its complexity. A stereo would stop functioning the first turn, but it would take at least several hours to break down all the plastic, glass, metal, and rubber in it. A wooden stake would begin to lose its pointed tip on the first turn and would be rotten and useless within a minute. Note that since this power requires the expenditure of a Blood Point, a character cannot cause an Aura of Decay while staked.

Level 4: The Dark Touch

The vampire can direct destructive energies toward living, undead, and dead (wraith) opponents. The vampire causes them to suffer terrible pain and to begin decomposing. The nature of the effects varies. The vampire must be within 10 feet of the victim and must reach her hand out toward him.

System: Roll Charisma + Occult (difficulty equals victim's Stamina + 3). The victim suffers 2 levels of damage per success.

Level 5: Nightcry

The vampire can issue an unearthly cry heard both in the Living World and in the Shadowlands, regardless of where the vampire is at the time. The cry will summon creatures of the Shadowlands. If the vampire is in the Living World, the creatures will appear in the living world if possible. The Storyteller decides what types of creatures are summoned, though they should be appropriate to the area.

System: Roll Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 8). The greater the number of successes, the greater number or power of the creatures summoned. These will usually be the ghosts of people who had some connection to the vampire's current location.

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