Current Events Of Los Angeles

Note to all Players -
Please be sure to read the Channel 6 News Report at the bottom of this page. The whole city, and in fact all of California, is buzzing with the information. While just is simply a disaster for the Mortals and few Garou that live in the city, the Anarchs and the Camarilla know it as something much more serious.

Camarilla: Information known ONLY ICly to Camarilla Vampires.
The Harpies aren't the only ones gossiping and going on about the impact of these attacks. It seems that Gabriel Bennett, very well respected and long time Prince and supporter of the Camarilla, has been assassinated. Some around the community scream of Anarch involvement, and a date for Court has been set by the Primogen Council in order to hear all accusations and follow all leads in order to bring vengeance upon anyone stupid enough to have participated in this heinous crime. For now, the future of the Camarilla hangs on knife's point. Who will step forward to take over the reigns of this turmoil plagued city?

Anarchs: Information known ONLY ICly to Anarch Vampires.
The numerous gangs, packs, and individuals that stretch from the Mexican boarder to just short of San Fransisco are a wash with whispered finger pointing. It doesn't appear that anyone wants to step up, for once, and claim responsibility for what's happened. Who were the men and woman with enough gall to do what Jeremey McNeil started sixty years ago? Will the Camarilla flood the streets with retribution, or will they fade into the cold, dead existence that they deserve?

Channel 6 News

A string of violent crimes have shaken the community all over the city this evening. Reports are still coming in, and the number of eyewitness accounts are staggering.

At 9 pm, according to witnesses, the lobby of the Hotel California was invaded and its occupants were held at gunpoint while a large explosive device was carried inside. Despite the bravery of the few LAPD officers that were able to respond to the scene, the bomb was detonated after less than fifteen minutes. Forensic investigators say the bomb was a plastique explosive embedded with various shrapnel of wire, nails, and other metals. The bomb was instantly lethal to over a hundred denizens of the hotel, and literally hundreds more are listed in critical condition at hospitals all over Los Angeles County.

The FBI and the LAPD are working together to bring answers and justice to the numerous families and businesses that have suffered from these terrorist attacks. As of yet, no suspects are being publicly named, and it is assumed that all the men and women involved were killed during their own outrageous acts against humanity.

Furthermore, there have been a reported no less than ten similar bombings in the last twenty-four hours, both at large businesses and private residences. With the targets, both human and property alike, varied and unclear, the LAPD has submitted that there is no clear motive for these attacks as of yet.

What we do know is that whatever group is behind this seems to have been targeting local philanthropists and business men and women. The investigations continue to bring in more information that we, here at Channel 6, will bring you in breaking news throughout the next days. Channel 6 will be your source for information about the ongoing rescue efforts of federal, local and state officials, as well as an outpouring of volunteers, to locate survivors among the wreckage.

So far, the targets of the bombings have been listed as:

- Hotel California
The prominent LA Hotel was all but leveled and left in a state of ruin. There is no word yet of any plans to rebuild.

Casualties - 103
Wounded - 86

- Home of Hotel California Proprietor and local Philanthropist Gabriel Bennett
The Palm Beach home of the local millionaire was destroyed completely, and there has been no word from authorities or friends to be sure of the fate of the man.

- Margaritte Home-care and Clinical Health Center
The center, specializing in dementia and alzheimer's, was one of the earliest targets from the string of bombings, and the LA Board of Health who owns and manages the property has already announced their plans to rebuild.

Casualties - 42
Wounded - 9

- Grace Law Offices
The now demolished home of some of LAs most affluent defense attorneys has already announced the transition to a new office, and Channel 6 is happy to relay that the building was empty during the explosion.

- Pleasant Hills Psychiatric Hospice and Treatment Center and the Los Angels homes of five of their leading therapists and psychiatrists.
The center was left damaged beyond usability or repair, and the reports say that there were no survivors at the homes of the staff that were targeted.

Casualties - 64
Wounded - 52

If you have any information regarding these attacks that could help the authorities, or for lists of known victims and their locations, a hot-line has been established just for the purpose of dealing with these attacks. The number to call is 555-5555 in the LA area, or 800-555-5555 for the surrounding counties or for those abroad who will surely hear about this national atrocity.

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