Command List

The list of Commands below is not complete, but is here to help you learn the basic steps to creating and interacting once your character is approved to start roleplaying. Please type 'command' by itself to see a full list of commands available to you. T
ping any single command by itself with no agrument (ie. ooc, say, pose) will usually give you the syntax of how to use it properly.

General & Creation Commands:

Autoexit - Will display all the exits, if any, to a room on the virtual map.
Color Complete - Activites a full color display for the game.
Sheetset - Lets the Player set their basic points during creation.
Score, Score2 - Your commands to see your character sheet and stats.
Who - Shows you who is online
Request - Storyteller alert system. (ex: "request Help!")

Description Commands :

Roomdesc - Set your character's short description. (ex: A man in his 20's)
Doing - Set your character's doing. (ex: is here, playing cards)
Aura - Used to set anything other players should know. (ex: Brute, Albino)
Status - Used to set Status, Fame, Pure Breed, etc. (ex. Fame 2: Movie Star)
Lookme - Will display what you've set for all of the fields listed above.

Social Commands :

OOC - Global Out of Character Channel.
Osay - Out of Character Channel that displays in the room you are in only.
Tell - Two way communication between 2 Players.
NOOC - Turns off OOC Channel. Use command again to toggle back on.
Nojoin - Use in private scenes to keep other players from joining you.
Notell - Turns off your ability to receive tells. Use same command to toggle back on.

Roleplaying Commands :

Roleplay - Will toggle your Roleplay flag, showing you either IC or OOC.
Say - In Character Channel that displays in the room you are in only.
Pose - Roleplaying command. (example: pose waves hello. - You wave hello.)
Rpose - Same as pose command, but does not include your name at the front.
Join - join <person or vnum> teleports you. Vnums are listed on Where.
Where - Shows you where everyone is on the Grid (our map of LA)

Other Commands :

Masquerade - Only for Vampires. One roll per night to appear human. <help masquerade>
Descswitch - Descswitch Syntax: descswitch <base, second, third, fourth>

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