Casamir Thomsen

"I eat fruity pebbles like you for breakfast. Don't mess with me."

The Basics

Name: Casamir Michael Thomsen, goes by Casey
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Famous dancer (Fame 4), known for revitalizing ballet. Is known to perform in spite of extreme Paranoid Schizophrenia.
Demeanor: Artiste
Theme(s): Dance Your Cares Away - Fraggle Rock
Distinguishing Features: None
Look: This twenty-something man stands about a hand's width over six feet tall, but
might appear taller to some, as he has a dancer's lithe frame. From his
well-kept hair to his perfectly groomed hands, everything about this man seems
to point to a degree of sophistication that belies his mannerisms. His hair is
a light brown with just the slightest tinge that would suggest is would be
blonde, were it allowed to grow beyond the simple faded cut he currently wears.
His face is completely clean-shaven, with the exception of a patch on his chin,
which seems to compliment his high cheek bones nicely. A glance at the eyes of
this young man would reveal a pair of mixed eyes, though mostly darker shades of
brown, blue, and some green. His lightly tanned skin is unmarred by any scars
or tattoos that one could see.

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