Aura Colors
Condition Aura Color
Afraid Orange
Aggressive Purple
Angry Red
Bitter Brown
Calm Blue
Compassionate Pink
Conservative Lavender
Depressed Grey
Desirous or Lustful Deep Red
Distrustful Light Green
Envious Dark Green
Excited Violet
Generous Rose
Happy Vermilion
Hateful Black
Idealistic Yellow
Innocent White
Lovestruck Blue
Obsessed Green
Sad Silver
Spiritual Gold
Suspicious Dark Blue
Confused Mottled, Shifting Colors
Diablerist Black Veins in Aura
Daydreaming Sharp, Flickering Colors
Frenzied Rapidly Rippling Colors
Psychotic Hypnotic, Swirling Colors
Vampire Appropriate Color is Pale
Magic Use Myriad Sparkles in Aura
Werebeast Bright, Vibrant Aura
Wraith Weak, Intermittent Aura
Faerie Weak, Intermittent Aura

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