Proud and deadly, the Assamites - who call themselves Banu Haqim - live by a foreign code. Originating from the Holy Land, the Assamites consider themselves judges and guardians of the night, serving as soldiers and generals of Caine. Although they are militant, the Assamites are not limited to physical battlefields. Their ranks are filled with ancient mystics and revered scholars as well.

The Assamites are known throughout vampiric society as a clan of murderous assassins, working for whoever can pay their price. The price they charge for their work is the vitae of other Kindred; for the Assamites, diablerie is the great of sacraments.

In nights prior to the formation of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, the Assamites practiced diablerie widely, always looking to bring themselves closer to "the One," as they referred to their mythical founder. As the Anarch Revolt ensued, the Sabbat and the Camarilla rose from the ashes, many powerful elders grew uneasy at the cannibalistic tendencies of the assassins that stalked their ranks. Calling upon the Tremere to curse the Assamites' blood, the Camarilla placed a yoke on the clan that rendered its members unable to consume the vitae of other Kindred. Unable to face the unified front the Camarilla represented, the Assamites submitted to this indignity. Those few who did not accept the curse went into hiding and joined the Sabbat.

Those who deal regularly with Assamites have sensed great upheaval among the clan. The greatest sign of this is the clan's recent circumvention of the Tremere blood curse. Freed from the mystic shackles preventing it from engaging indiablerie, the clan has begun a campaign of murder and cannibalism once again. Assamites now kill other Kindred without provocation - indeed, without sanctioned contracts.

Nickname: Assassins

Sect: The Assamites hold Sabbat and Camarilla in equal contempt. Some Assamites remain among the Sabbat, and a scattered few exist as loners in the Camarilla.

Appearance: Generally of Arabic and African stock, the Assamites in recent nights have geun to embrace a number of Westerners. More often than not, who is embraced is chosen on merit of skill rather than race and looks. Also, Assamites' skin grows darker as they age (as oppossed to other vampires, whose skin gets player with age); particularly ancient Assamites are almost ebony in complexion.

Haven: Most clan elders make their homes at Alamut, the clan stronghold, which is located high atop a mountain thought to be somewhere in modern Turkey. Neonates and operatives abroad typically select remote, inaccessible locations to ensure that they receive no unexpected guests.

Background: Many Assamite fida'i (newly Embraced apprentices) hail from Asia Minor or northern Africa. Most members of the clan have been involved with assassination, wet work or terrorist activities for some portion of their mortal lives, though this is less true among the Assamite vizier and sorcerer bloodline. Recently, the clan has Embraced many neonates from the Western stock among which it moves, particularly soldiers, criminals, and street gangsters.

Character Generation: Assassins usually favor Physical Attributes, with Mental Attributes a close second, while the opposite is for the Vizier and Sorcerer bloodlines. The Assassins favor Skills and Talents equally. Assamites typically have similar natures and demeanors, but rarely are they the exact same. Popular Backgrounds include Mentor, Contacts and, of course, Generation.

Clan Disciplines: celerity, obfuscate, quietus

Weakness: Despite their recent circumvention of the Tremere blood-curse, the Assamites have reacquired their appreciable taste for vitae, particularly that of other Kindred. Having been forced to rely on alchemical blood potions for much of its modern history, the clan is easily addicted to the blood of other vampires. Any time an Assamite drinks or even tastes the blood of another Kindred, she must make a Self-Control roll (difficulty equal to the number of blood points ingested + 3). If this roll is failed, she is addicted, and she must make another Self-Control roll the next time she comes in contact with Kindred vitae. Failing this roll sends the vampire into a sanguinary frenzy, in which she will do anything physically possible to partake of as much blood as possible. When (not if) the character's addiction manifests, the consuming need for blood should be roleplayed - Clan Assamite no longer sees the need to hide its vampiric nature.

Organization: Thanks in part to the communication powers of its sorcerer caste, the Assamites are organized much more organized than many other clans. The "Old Man of the Mountain" (the eldest childe of Haqim not in torpor) leads the clan from the Black Throne in Alamut. Each of the castes maintains its own figurehead, and it is these three individuals - collectively called the du'at - who are most reponsible for night-to-night clan operations.

Assamites organize themselves into units similar to Sabbat packs; these bands are known as falaqi. A falaqi typically consists of two or three Kindred who infiltrate a city and gain a foothold there. Assamites in a city engage in activities common to many Kindred (establishing power base, cultivating herds), but also weaken rival Kindred through selective assassinations, for they do not see the Sixth Tradition as applying to them.

Sorceror Nickname: Magi (singular "Magus"); sometimes called "viziers" by outsiders.

Sorcerer Disciplines: Assamite Sorcery, obfuscate, quietus

Sorcerer Weaknesses: Sorcerers have difficulty hiding their arcane nature. All mystical attempts to determine magic usage on and around the character are at -2 difficulty and are considered to operate at two levels higher for the purpose of opposed powers and rolls.

Vizier Nickname: Scholars or Artisans

Vizier Disciplines: auspex, celerity, quietus

Vizier Weaknesses: Viziers are exacting to a fault. Each character is considered to possess an obsession or compulsion derangement associated with his highest intellectual or creative Ability. While this derangement is active, the character's halo glows in such a way as to provide a careful observer with hints as to the vizier's true Nature, as well as the object of his obsession, upon any successful use of Soulsight.


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