Applying Damage

Health Chart

The Health chart on the character sheet helps you track your character's current physical condition. It also lists the penalty imposed on your dice pool for each level of injury that your character sustains. As your character suffers more injuries, her health declines until she becomes incapacitated - or dead.

Every character has seven health levels, ranging from Bruised to Incapacitated. Characters can also be in full health (with no health levels checked off), in torpor, or dead. When an attacker scores a success on a damage roll, your character takes one health level of damage. This is marked on your character sheet in the appropriate box, although the mark you make depends on the type of damage inflicted (see "Applying Damage," below).
The number to the left of the lowest marked box indicates your current dice penalty. As your character gets more and more battered, it's increasingly difficult for him to perform even the simplest of tasks. The dice penalty is subtracted from your dice pool for every action (not reflexives such as soak) until the wound heals.

The penalty also indicates impaired movement. For convenience, we reprint the Health chart from Chapter Three.

Bruised Character is only bruised a bit and suffers no dice pool penalties due to damage
Hurt -1 Character is superficially hurt and suffers no movement hindrance.
Injured -1 Character suffers minor injuries and movement is mildly inhibited,(halve maxium running speed)
Wounded -2 Character suffers significant damage and may not run (though he may still walk) At this level, a character may not move, then attack; he always loses dice when moving and attacking in the same turn.
Mauled -2 Character is badly injured and may only hobble about (three yards/turn)
Crippled -5 Character is catastrophically injured and may only crawl (one yard/turn).
Incapacitated Character is incapable of movement and is likely unconscious. Incapacitated vampires with no blood in their bodies enter torpor.
Torpor Character enters a deathlike trance. He may do nothing, not even spend blood, until a certain period of time has passed.
Final Death Character dies again, this time forever.
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