An Awkward Night In Venenata Luna

A young thin man stands in the small room lit only by flickering candle light. He takes various books and puts them in the places on the half empty shelves. He pushes a small cart that holds the books around, careful to avoid the pillows on the floor. His chin length black hair pulled back into a pony tail, and a smile resting on his face.

Christoph enters the shop, admiring the handiwork of his buzzer as it gives a ding as he enters. He moves through to slide open the curtain to the occult section, leaving it open as he stands there idly and offers his greetings. "Hello again, my friend…oh, goodness…what has happened?" His eastern european accent is thick, as usual.

The young man turns around his cast tapping on the floor as he braces on the cart. "Oh Yeah… This. I was cleaning on the roof and tripped. My memory is a little fuzzy but I know I hit the ground. Broke my leg and my body looks like a boxer had his way with me. Out Im doing much better." His smile doesn't go away as he speaks of this.

Christoph nods as he ties the dividing velvet curtain up to let a bit more of the light from the other room to mix with the light already present. "Here, let me get door. Easier to move without having worry of this." He moves into the space by a couple of steps, looking through the shelves nonchalantly. "Any new researches or adventures besides falling from roof and trip to hospital?" He grins slyly at his own words, waiting for a response with his arms crossed, mostly still gazing over the books on the shelves Nora is replacing.

Kyri sighed and tugged Piper along. " It's not that bad, Just let me look around.. just for a little bit, then we'll do something that you want to do.. Deal?" She asked while pushing the door open and making her way inside.

The young man shakes his head. "Honestly, a trip to the hospital takes up alot of my time. I have even been slacking off on my research. Im a bit ashamed to be honest." He laughs and pushes the cart over to one of the few chairs in the room and sits down. "Feel free to go grab a chair, Its hard to stand with this thing." He points down at the cast on his leg. It can be seen under his shirt that bandages run up his arms. He pauses for a moment when he hears people enter the store. He calls out. "Im back here if you need any help please come and ask."

Piper allowed her sister to pull her into the bookstore and wondered if this was a prelude to a joke… "So this blind chic walks into a bookstore…" Once fully inside Piper tilted her head to the left observering her surroundings. At the sound of the voice from the back Piper perks up recognizing the young man she had spoken to the night before. Small world.

Christoph gradually turns around from the space between the foyer of the bookstore and the occult section where he is to peer out as the door sounds. "Ah…Miss Kyri and Piper…" He glances back in to the room at Nora and then standing in more neutral of a position he adds, "I like your store more each time I enter." He grins slightly and gives a wave to the girls, though it is partially in vain, and adds "Hello again." from inside the occult room, before he enters it fully, trying to stay out of Nora's way as he idly fingers through some of the titles.

Kyri dimly waved to Christoph and glanced at Piper with confused. "Hiya, We were just going to look." She pulled Piper forward and settled next a shelf, fingering a book idly. "Haven't seen her all night, figured we'd hang out a bit. So how is you night going?"

The thin young man tries to crane his neck into the main room and see his guests, when his eyes catch sight of Piper he laughs. "Well good evening miss. Fancy seeing you again." He reaches for a crutch and pushes himself up. "Is there anything I can help your two ladies with this evening?" He asks hobbling over.

Hearing Christoph's voice Piper paused in surprise and was certain there was a punchline in here somewhere. "Good to hear from you again, Nora, I am glad to have had a chance to run into you again since our last meeeting ended so abruptly." She then turned to the direction of Christoph and began to move toward him with a smile on her lips, "I did not think I would be in your company so soon."

Christoph looks back from the books he is perusing, his best attempts at being invisible for the moment failing. "Yes, indeed." he says, blushing slightly. He remains silent otherwise, allowing Nora to more deal with the possible patrons as he selects a book bound with strips of bone or ivory and delicate ancient twine. He fingers through it idly, though it is unclear if he is just busying himself or actually looking for something in the strange volume. He occassionally glances to Nora, looking to gauge his relationship with the overseer and Piper as he goes about his business.

Kyri quirks and brow and moves to put her arm over Pipers shoulders, sensing the man was uncomfortable. " Hey Pip, Why don't we check out and see if they have anything on Mesopotamia, My collection is lacking on that." She suggested and moved to look for the correct section.

The young man smiles. "Yes it was very abrupt. Its good to see you again however.: He speaks in a casual soft spoken tones. He hobbles a little closer to the pair. "I have plenty of material on Mesopotamia, Are you looking for geography or history?" He says pausing to get an answer.

Piper's head tilted to the right at her sister's words wondering what was wrong. "History and Legends… so this is where you work?" Piper asked moving closer to Nora and reaching out to touch him to determine his exact location from herself.

Christoph continues to finger through the book, although he does let his gaze fall upon the demure figure of Piper for a moment in between his page flipping. His eyes also fall to Nora's tragically better than his visage, giving a half smile and an internal 'damnit'. He grabs a seat and slides down in to it, remaining in the occult section, now more dilligently researching something in the lore book.

Kyri nodded in agreement with Piper but gave Nora a confused look. " Pip.. do you just know Everyone now? I'm not letting you out of the Garage anymore… " She sighed and moved to a shelf to pick up a book and thumb through it, her eyes catching Christophs saddened expression when he looked between piper and Nora. She furrowed her brow and scanned a page distracted.

The thin young man smiles offering his arm to her as she reaches, steading himself on his crutch. "Its right over here I have quite a bit." He hops over to another set of book shelves to point a few things out. "But no I don't work here, Im a slave to it." He lets out a bit of a laugh. "This is my store, however much like a cat I think it claims me more than I claim it." The young man seems to be in a much better mood than he has been in any previous meeting with him.

Piper giggles and presses her fingers against her lips. "A slave to your passions I can understand that… aren't we all?" Piper asked as she allowed Nora to guide her to the books. "We have quite the collection at home. My sister is a slave to her books as well… we even have a few in braille, by any chance do you have any books that I could read?"

Christoph remains silent, now focusing his mild dissapointment with his predicament solely on the book before him. He sets it down on an empty shelf, keeping his finger on a page, and then ponderously looks through the other titles while muttering just a few quiet words in a foreign language to himself. Finally finding something, he scoops up a second book and opens it to his lap, scooting his chair over to the shelf where the other book lies open, and reading between the two in silence.

Kyri followed behind Piper and Nora looking up from the book when Piper spoke to him. She arched and brow and Decided right then and there that after the weekend was over her and piper were going to have a talk about many things, Many Men and thier situation. " So, These books are great, You've got quits a collection here, I'm pretty sure that I'll be coming back, because this beats mine."

The young man seems the pause at this question. "Im not sure that I do, but I would be more than happy to order them for you. If you can get the titles I will put it in for you. The turn around is pretty quick." The young man laughs at Kyri's comment. "Im glad to hear it, if your library was bigger than mine you might just put me outta business." He runs his fingers over his hair to tightening his ponytail.

Piper leans her head against Nora's shoulder and secrets a small sniff inhaling his scent. "Thank you so much for your help, I think you made a friend for life out of my sister." Once at the books Piper waited for her sister to immerse herself in her books before Piper decided to explore the shop. She slowly moved through the store running her hands over the shelves and books feeling their textures. Her thoughts then turned to Christoph, wasn't he still in the store? Piper tilted her head to the left listening and then catching a small mutter from the back which she began to follow.

Christoph hefts a sigh as he looks between the two books, and seems to shrink a bit as he catches Piper's wanderings attention towards this darker corner of the occult section. He goes more silent than before, not even turning a page or shifting in his chair, though it seems accidental and not an attempt to fool the blind girl. After a moment, he gains a bit of composure and clears his throat softly, in case he would have to speak soon. He sets the books down, remembering their page and closing them to save the bindings from any damage. You're welcome Nora.

Kyri held back a squeal and reached out grabbing two seperate books, Closing the one that she had. "These, I've been looking for these." She went back to looking on the shelf, Every moment or so, reaching for a book, leafing through it, and putting it back. "Hey Nora, I'm definately getting these three.." She gestures to the first she pulled and the two she found. " But I'm going to keep looking, So can i set these down?" She asked.

The young man smiles at Piper's comment. "Sure thing! Feel free to use the cart or the counter. You have an intrest in the Occult then?" He asks speaking in his soft tone. Dark blue eyes scanning over his newest customers. As his gaze follows Pipers movements they settle once more on Christoph. "How rude of me, I seem to have completely ignored you Christoph." He reaches up to rub the back of his head in an embarrassed gesture."Where you looking to get any new books? Since you took such care of the last ones, I will gladly lone any more out" He smiles at the man giving a short nod. In the poor lighting his effeminate features showing even more keenly, and his soft delicate voice not helping either. It would be very easy to question this young mans gender.

The door opens quickly and a somewhat familiar voice floats through the store,"Nora, are you here? The hospital discharged you so I came here." The sound of Italian leather shoes on hardwood sounds as he searches the building,"Ah, there you are…hello again Kyri, Piper." He flashes a quick smile to both of the girls as he walks fully into the room.

Piper's head whips around at the sound of the newcomer and smiles, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Hewl…" Before Piper could finish a sharp warning sound comes from Kyri section of the room, "AHEM!!" Piper stops and frowns slightly as if her fun had been ruined. "Good evening, Mr. MacIntosch, and how has your evening been?"

Christoph gives a very light sigh, and slowly reaches for one of the books in silence. He continues doing his light research, and casually addresses Nora as he does. "I'm getting to know my way around pretty well, yes. Ah, and thank you, mister Nora." He smiles, and turns his attention back to the books, hiding his dejected state with the ease of a master.

Kyri " A basket.." She murmered and Went to got and get it, Know that she would need it. When Jonathan Said his hello's she waved with a smirk that for once Piper Listened to her. "Heya Jonathan, Funny seeing you a small bookstore. Collector of the rare?" She asked.

The man turns and walks to the sound of the foot steps. "Well good evening Jonathan." He holds himself up his crutch and looks the man over. "I was realsed that is correct." He smiles resting his free hand on his hip. "Im doing much better, I still feel like hell, not healed all the way up." Every now and then his voice dips into a bit of a southern draw. He lifts his hands from his hip and he taps a delicate finger on his lips. "You couldn't be comming by to pick up that book you ordered weeks ago could you?" He lets out a small laugh.

Jonathan suddenly looks directly at Nora, his eyes glazing slightly as he steps closer,"What man art thou that thus bescreen'd in night So stumblest on my counsel?" His body leans closely in, his hands encircling Nora's shoulders as he pulls him close, leaning down to look into his eyes, a soft smile playing across his lips as his crystal eyes swirl madly.

Piper hears Jonathan approach Nora and pauses in her exploration as she feels the room settle with an uncomfortable air. "Are they kissing?" she asks her sister from across the room, "Please tell me they are not kissing because that would be totally unfair… I can't see!" Piper crossed her arms and started nawing on her lower lip with her eyes staring blankly at the two men.

Christoph continues silently and dilligently thumbing through the books, though he glances to the side with a rather dull surprise, as if having trouble reacting as severely as he should because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. His lips part just slightly for a moment and his brow furrows. Once he catches himself staring, he turns once again back to the dry pages of the tome on his lap, realizing that he doesn't care either way in the situation that is unfolding between the two other men.

Kyri to folded her arms across her chest and quirked a brow at her sister. " Yes. The two men are making out madly in the middle of a fairly crowded bookstore in front of a german a teen and a mechanic, I promise.." she Returned dryly shaking her head, hiding the fact that she was slight incomfortable with the situation. Public displays no matter who or what always make her jittery, especially her own.

A shocked look over comes the young mans face as he is embraced. "Ummm… Right…" Placing his arms on the mans chest he bends down and trying to escape the embrace. "Its very nice to see you as well Jonathan. Lemme get that book for you ok?" Nora is obvious stumbled by Jonathans actions and seems to be at a loss at how to react.

Jonathan drops his hands to his side as his eyes never leave Nora's face, moving minutely back and forth as if trying to see every facet of the man's face. His body leans back slightly but still stays uncomfortably close to Nora, a somewhat blank expression on his face.

Piper sighed forlornly after Kyri told her they were kissing. She was silent for a bit and then suddenly asked, "Could you describe it for me?"

Christoph continues about his task, rising after a few minutes to return the second book he used to cross reference the first. He holds the remaining bone and twine bound book and glances at the shelves for a few moments before returning the book to it's rightful place. He pretends to look through the shelves in the akward pause that has become the Venenata Luna this evening.

Kyri Muttered a curse and moved to Piper so that she could talk quietly. "Piper, You facination with Men is something that we are going to have to discuss. I will not be describing.. in public and in front of the two men in question, them making out. I refuse, damn well deny…" She drifts off for second and then shakes her head. "Might be fun … NO stop it kyri.. NO PIPER." She says finally.

The thin young man walks across the room in a hurried pace, His face burning red. He slips out into the adjoining room to search for the other book. "I will be back in a moment." He says in a hurried but extremely soft tone. A few seconds later the sound of the door behind the counter shutting sounds through the room.

Jonathan moves right along with Nora, easily keeping up with the little cripple as his eyes continue to never waver from his face."Nora, why do you spurn me? I can give you so much."

Piper hearing the men move off attempts to follow all but ignoring her sister after being denied description. "It would be fun, and since when have you ever STOPPED?"

The dark haired romanian man lets his arms slacken to relax at his side, and moves down the aisle giving a soft hum to himself in contemplation. He eventually moves out to find Jonathan's paramore, giving a polite "Pardon.." as he passes by everyone. "Nora, perhaps you have books relating to old-world vampirism legends?" he says, his tone that of genuine inquisitiveness, and he has a polite business-like smile on his face as he waits for a response from the fleeing man-boy.

Kyri shook her head and lookg to Piper. She pulled out her wallet and took out some bills, pressing them to Pipers hand. " Listen Kid, I'm not sticking around for the second act, Cause I'm pretty sure that Bumping uglies will Ensue, SO He's the money for the books." She put her wallet back in her pocket and called out. "Alright Gents.." Her eyes glinted for a second with mischief. "I'm going to go home and get naked and walk around the garage fixing cars, You have fun googly eyeing." She Chucked and started for the door. "OH and Pip, ask him is he's able to Get his little hands on "Lore and Legends and Actual History of the fallen city" She left with a chuckle and shaking her head, Deciding to get some candy on the way home.

The young man only opens the bedroom door enough for his thin frame to slip though. He then calls out in a nervous voice. "Let me get that book for you Jonathan, then I need to close up shop. Its time for bed. Yes'sir Im so sleepy." He says letting out a fake yawn from behind the door. He seems to not even hear Christophs question in his race to escape the awkward situation.

Jonathan sighs as if mortally wounded,"But Nora, I would deign to take a little more of your time." He doesn't even notice the other man next to him, but subconsciously moving himself as close to where Nora is as possible.

Piper clutched the bills in her hand at a loss for what was going on. She wanted to see, she wasn't interested in books, hell, it wasn't even her idea to come here in the first place, now her sister was leaving her here. There really had to a punchline in here somewhere.

Christoph seems to nod solemnly to himself as he comes to the realization of what is happening. "Ah yes, after hospital, I bet he needs his rest…" he dares to offer towards Jonathan, though noncommitally. He turns around, looking towards the door, as if catching the not so subtle hint of Nora, but gives pause at Kyri's words. His jaw drops slightly agape for a moment, and he gives serious consideration to how in need of a messy oil change his recently acquired Camaro is, but thinks better of it apparently. His eyes move over towards Piper, and then back to the door, taking a half step in that direction with some fair degree of hesitation.

The thing young man sets a book on the table right outside the door and then shuts the door. "Sorry to close the shop so soon, but I really need to get my rest everyone, just leave the money on the counter I will trust you." He says in hurried tones from behind the door.

Jonathan sighs again heavily before replying,"Very well, I shall see you soon, Nora." He turns and starts to walk away dejectedly, back towards his car outside and out of his object of obsession.

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