Active Storylines & How to Get Involved
Remember, personalized storylines and small group storylines are always in motion, and if you feel that you should be active in one based on your group of friends, enemies or information provided in your Background or Application, please grab the ear of a ST (using request channel or e-mail) and ask us about getting you involved.


Active Storylines and Breaking News

The list below provides links and basical information to the multiple storylines that are available to the general character public of Silent Eve: Los Angeles. To get involved with any of the storylines, all that is required it that you send a Request to the STs (via request channel, or e-mail). The request to get involved with any storyline should include:
1) how your character plans to become active in the storyline
2) which storyline you are interested in
3) what resources, contacts, allies, etc you are planning to use
4) any other information that would assist the STs in helping understand what part you would like to play

Global Storyline: Los Angeles Shaken by Terrorist Attacks


Sect Based Information is listed below. If you are not a member of the Sect listed, you DO NOT KNOW what is listed there.

The Mortal population of Los Angeles, for the most part, is reliant on the information provided from the local media. You are able to volunteer to help with rescue efforts, gather information on your own time that may/may have not been released by the press, speak to witnesses, and speak to the press themselves. If you feel that your character may be directly impacted by this storyline (lost a loved one, damage to property, etc), please contact a ST to discuss the follow-up that would need to happen.

The Camarilla, with the loss of Gabriel Bennett as Prince, have been thrown into chaos and turmoil. The whispers around the community breathe threats and disgust at the possible involvement of the Anarchs. Will the Anarchs take control of the city? Will the Sabbat move in now that the Camarilla has been weakened?
All Domain, Primogen, and Court positions have been revoked by the newly formed Primogen Council in order to put a quick leash on any ideas of leaving the city in ruin.
Court will be held Friday Feb 4th at 7pm EST by the Council in order to reorder Domain and Status amoung the Kindred left in the city. Those Camarilla players that would like to be involved are encouraged to be at Court. Those that cannot make it are asked to write a letter (IC, and e-mailed to the moc.evetneliseht|nimda#moc.evetneliseht|nimda address) to the Council expressing their opinions, questions, and demands for their previous, or desired, Domain and Status.
Any Camarilla player that would like to investigate deeper into the attacks on the Court is encouraged to do so. Please follow the steps listed at the top of the page and contact a ST.

The Anarch community is in an up-roar. Tickled pink by the attacks against the Camarilla, and the institutional control centers all over the city, each Anarch has his own opinions on the "Why" and "Who". However, no one's stepped up to claim their seat on the shoulders of the mob.
Any Anarch players are encouraged to investigate exactly what's been happening, who's responsible, and how you can get involved in the action.

Despite the general disconnection that most Independent Vampires have from the mix and mingle of politics between the Sects, the recent actions of the whispered blame on the Anarchs for performing such open acts against the Camarilla cannot escape the ears of most.
The Vampire community - Camarilla, Anarch, Sabbat, and Independent alike - are a buzz with rumors and information.
Those Independent Vampires who wish to learn more, or snare a piece of the action for themselves, are encouraged to do so.
Those Independent Vampires who are determined to stay out of politics should be wary that the politics and fighting don't find them unawares.

Camarilla Storyline 1: Red List


Camarilla Vampires are encouraged, as always, to participate in Blood Hunts. All Blood Hunts require an extended roll set up by a ST to search for the target. Each Camarilla Vampire that successfully completed the extermination of one of the vermin on the Red List will be rewarded IC.

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