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A World of Darkness Roleplaying game set in the city of Los Angeles, California.

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Please be sure to check out the links below to learn more about our game and the system we use. Further down the page, make sure to take a peek at all the links provided to help you learn more about the World of Darkness, Los Angeles, and what our games is all about!

We are now accepting applications for Independent Vampires.
We are also looking for Anarchs, but ask a ST before you apply, as they will only be granted on a case to case basis.

Quickstart Guide for New Players

Important Links for Players
SE House Rules
Command List

Character Creation Guide Links
Mortal Character Creation Guide
Vampire Character Creation Guide

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Current Events of Los Angeles
Active Storylines & How to Get Involved

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The Systems of Silent Eve

The Setting for Silent Eve
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Staff, Characters and Players —

- The Staff of Silent Eve
- The Characters of Silent Eve
- NPC-Primogen Council

moc.evetneliseht|nimda# ffatS ehT tcatnoC oT:

Send character submissions or more private inquiries to moc.evetneliseht|nimda#moc.evetneliseht|nimda.

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